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Cedar Canyon
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When Buying a Kit Manufactured Home from S&H Homes
you get Expert set-up and delivery. Your home will be ready to move into.

For many, the steps to preparing for a new home is a mystery, hopefully the photos and information on this page will give you a view of the process and what goes into the set up of a manufactured home. (This home is pit set, this lowers the home so most of the skirting and the crawl space is below ground level, homes can be full pit set as this one, partially pit set or above ground with the skirting showing. )

When buying a manufactured home from S&H Homes it is as easy as One-Stop-Shopping
S&H homes will help you every step of the way.

You have found the land or lot to put your home, Now What?
  1. If you need financing
    S&H can assist you in obtaining financing for a Home Only Loan or a Land Home package Loan
  2. Choose the home to fit your lifestyle and budget,
    S&H has many Kit Manufactured Home plans to choose from, Doublewide, Triplewide and Singlewide manufactured homes ranging from under 1000 sq feet to 3000 sq feet.
    If you have a floor plan that you like that we do not show we can in most cases have it made for you. To your specifications.
  3. Next are the building permits,
    S&H will work with you and the county in obtaining the permits that are needed for your new home.
Now the paper work is done and it's time to get the foundation and utilities (Water, Sewer, Power) installed for your new home.

If you live in city limits your utilities (Water, Sewer, Power) are usually provided to the property line and will only need to be extended to the home and hooked up.

If your property is in the County or outside City limits
  1. and does not have an existing water well you will need to have one drilled to supply the water for your home. (sometimes financing is contingent on the availability of water)
  2. With out city sewer service you will need to have a Septic Tank System installed
  3. If poweris not already to your property, You will need to contact the local PUD (Public Utility District) and have them run the power lines to your property, the cost of this varies depending upon the distance.
Everything needs a good foundation, and your manufactured home is no different.
Hiring an experienced Excavating contractor to prepare and level the area for the home is an important step in the process, whether you are going to have a pit set home as in the photo at the top or a home that sits above ground level.

Next forms are built for the cement runners that will be the foundation for your home to sit on.

Now you are ready to have your home delivered and set up!!!! Its amazing where these guys can go!!!!

If you think that you may have a difficult place to deliver a home, the Crew at S&H will gladly come out and make sure it will work.....Very seldom do they find a place that they cannot deliver a home. Over 20 years experience delivering and setting up manufactured homes in the Okanogan and Methow Valleys, In remote locations make them the area expert that you can trust.

Bryan with the front half
leaving S&H Lot

Turning off of the highway
& through a 16' gate.

Over the creek and
through the woods

the back half of the house is put in place on the foundation / runners

the protective plastic sheeting is removed from both halves

the front half of the
house is moved into place
(yes they got it together before the rain)

time to take off the wheels

blocking and bringing it together
then the metal skirting is installed to enclose the under side

after the skirting is in place the area
around the home is back filled by the excavating contractor

Hook up the utilities and Move In!!! S&H Homes fully finishes and details each house inside and out, so when you are handed the keys it is ready for you and your family to move in!!!
Stop by our lot and see the Beautiful Energy efficient Kit Manufactured Homes.
Contact us today.

Email us: shhomes@communitynet.org

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